Caleb Johnston

City of Long Stay

A 2022 documentary film examining the conditions and circumstances drawing Europeans and North Americans to migrate to Thailand for dementia care. We consider what this tells us about widespread infrastructure failure in the Global North and the new forms of care and intimacy developing in Chiang Mai.

Official Selection 2023 International Migration and Environment Film Festival

Official Selection 2023 Swiss International Film Festival

Award Winner at the 2023 World Film Carnival Singapore

Winner of Best Documentary Short at the 2022 Rotterdam Independent Film Festival

Official selection for Amsterdam’s 2022 Lift-Off Festival

Official selection for the 2022 Bangkok International Documentary Awards and Festival

Screened at the 2022 conference of the Royal Geographical Society with IBG (Newcastle)

We would love for the film to be used in teaching and screened to generate public discussion, for which we are very keen to participate in public seminars or talkbacks.

Please get in touch if you’d like to organise a screening.


Directors: Caleb Johnston, Felix Meyer-Christian, and Geraldine Pratt
Editor: Evripidis Karydis
Interviewers: Caleb Johnston, Felix Meyer-Christian, and Geraldine Pratt
Director of Photography: Philine von Duszeln
Director of Sound: Marcus Thomas
Translation Thailand: Konkanok Phohom