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Caleb Johnston



Johnston C and Pratt G (2019) Migration in Performance: Crossing the Colonial Present. London and New York: Routledge.

Journal Articles

Johnston C and Pratt G (2024) Automating adult social care in the UK: Extracting value from a crisis. Geoforum, epub ahead of publication.

Pratt G, Johnston C and Johnson K (2023) Robots and care of the aging self: An emerging economy of lonliness. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 55 (8):2051-2066.

Cole A, Fontana L, Hirzel M, Johnston C and A Miramonti (2023) On burning ground: Forum theatre and ecological crisis in Bolivia. cultural geographies 30 (4):639-648.

Johnston C and Holland A (2023) Picturing these days of love and rage: XR’s impossible rebellion. cultural geographies 30 (2):315-323.

Fontana L, Miramonti A and Johnston C (2023) Women in wildfire crises: Exploring lived experiences of conflict through forum theatre. Studies in Social Justice 17 (2):269-279.

Johnston C and Pratt G (2022) Speculating on crisis: Creating a market for dementia care in Thailand. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 112 (7): 2064-2079.

Johnston C and Winders J (2022) What does ‘in practice’ mean? cultural geographies 29 (1):129-130.

Pratt G and Johnston C (2022) Dementia care for Europeans in Thailand: A geography of futures. (Special issue on (Re)constructing ageing futures: Insights from migration in Asia and beyond, edited by E Ho, S Huang, L Thang, and B Yeoh). American Behavioral Scientist 66 (14):1880-1895.

Pratt G and Johnston C (2021) Dementia, infrastructure failure and new relations of care in Thailand. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 46 (3):526-539.

Johnston C and Pratt G (2021) Travelling intimacies, translation and betrayal in a creative geography. cultural geographies 28 (2):417-428.

Pratt G, Zell S, Johnston C and Venzon H (2020) Performing Nanay in Winnipeg: Filipino labour migration to Canada. Studies in Social Justice 14 (1):55-66.

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Johnston C (2018) An artful civic disruption in VancouverStudies in Social Justice 11(2):318-326. 

Johnston C and Pratt G (2017) Tlingpino Bingo, settler colonialism and other futures. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 35 (6):971-993.

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Johnston C (2014) Politics in the informalizing metropolis: displacement and uneasy negotiations in uncivil Ahmedabad. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 38 (2):539-557.

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Johnston C (2006) Field note: Ahmedabad, India. Women’s Studies Quarterly 34 (1/2):235-38. (Special issue on the Global and the Intimate, edited by G Pratt and V Rosner).

Book Chapters

Katz C, Johnston C and G Pratt (2023) In the wake of the pandemic, reworking the labors of care: A conversation between Cindi Katz, Caleb Johnston and Geraldine Pratt. In Reworking Labor, edited by D Eisenburg and E Rothenberg. University of Chicago Press.

Johnston C and Pratt G (2014) Taking Nanay to the Philippines: transnational circuits of affect. In: Hurley E (ed) Theatres of Affect Toronto: University of Toronto Press, pp. 192-212.

Pratt, G., and Johnston, C., in collaboration with the Philippine Women Centre of BC. 2014. Nanay (Mother): a testimonial play. In: Hurley E (ed) Once More, With Feeling: Six Affecting Plays . Toronto: University of Toronto Press, pp. 49-90.

Johnston, C. 2012. Accommodation politics. Translated into Marathi. In: Karogal S (ed) Saath Saal-ki Baat (The Story of Sixty Years). Pune: Padma Gandha.

Pratt, G., and Johnston, C. 2007. Putting play to work. In: A Tickell A, Sheppard E, Peck, J and Barnes T (eds) Politics and Practices in Economic Geography. London: Sage, pp. 71-81.

Invited Lectures and Conference Papers 

2023 Emerging horizons of care technologies in the UK. Deutscher Kongress fur Geographie, Frankfurt.

2023 Automating social care: public-private partnerships and the creation of the UK digital care market. American Association of Geographers, Denver.

2022 Screening of City of Long Stay with panel discussion. Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), Newcastle.

2022 Playing with wildfire, a photo exhibition. Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), Newcastle.

2021 Dementia care for Europeans in Thailand: A geography of futures. Nanyang Technological University, School of Social Science, Singapore.

2021 A crisis of care in the global north, and new relations of transnational dementia care in Thailand. School of Earth, Environment and Society, McMaster University, Canada.

2021 Living laboratories of crisis: gerontechnologies in long-term care homes. Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London.

2021 New intimacies of dementia care beyond the familiar. Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

2020 Relational comparison and communities of care across the Global South and North. Keynote for Transnational Relations, Ageing and Care: Asian Connections and Beyond, National University of Singapore.

2019 Authors meet critics on Migration in Performance: Crossing the Colonial Present. (Panellists: Lieba Faier, John Catungal, Rachel Pain, Sarah de Leeuw, Alison Mountz, Tadiar Neferti). American Association of Geographers, Washington.

2018 Unsettling scripts of disposability. Urbanisation, Planning and Development cluster, London School of Economics, London.

2017 Playing games of chance in the Canadian North. Performing Urgency: Space, Performance and Politics. Nordic Geographers Meeting, Stockholm.

2017 Ethnographic performances and games of change in the decolonizing present. Keynote for Society and Space at the annual conference of the American Association of Geographers, Boston.

2017 Tlingipino Bingo: performing solidarity across indigenous and Filipino immigrant experiences of state violence. Reimagining Creative Economy. University of Alberta, Edmonton.

2017 Testimonial Theatre and the geopolitics of trauma and empathy. University of Leeds.

2016 Performing precarity in Bagong Barrio. Annual Meeting of Institute of British Geographers (with IBG), London (Presenter and convenor).

2016 Life-times and spaces of disposability in Bagong Barrio, Metro Manila. Social Geographies of Urban Abandonment. American Association of Geographers, San Francisco.

2016 Urban crisis: resistances, opportunities and co-optation. (Convenor) University of Edinburgh.

2015 Who saved the city? Exploring urban activisms in times of austerity in North America and Europe and Beyond. University of Edinburgh (Convenor), Edinburgh.

2015 Performance as transnational and scholarly inquiry: migrant labour and urban dispossession. Canadian Association of Geographers, Vancouver.

2014 Theatre, politics and the impossible ethic. Keynote talk for the Participatory Geographies Research Group. Annual Meeting of Institute of British Geographers (with IBG), London.

2014 Transnational affects in the space of theatre. Centre for the History of Emotions, University of London, Queen Mary, London.

2014 The political work of feelings. Migration and Intimate Life. Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network, University of Glasgow, Glasgow.

2013 Working with documentary theatre. Department of Speech and Communication, Department of Geography, The University of the Philippines, Manila.

2013 Emotions on the move. New Frontiers of Geographical Knowledge and Practice? RGS-IBG.

2013 Circulating discourses of suffering across national contexts. Institutional Spaces of Pain, Suffering and Trauma. Emotional Geographies, Groningen.

2013 Circulating suffering: part two. Institutional Spaces of Pain, Suffering and Trauma [redux]. Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles.

2013 Translating research into testimonial theatre. Green College, University of British Columbia.

2012 Performing Nanay. Special Session, Annual Meeting of the RGS-IBG, Edinburgh.