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Caleb Johnston

Counter Mapping

This inter-disciplinary contemporary art exhibition featured artistic work around the theme of counter mapping and rewriting the city of Vancouver. Thirty-five participating artists were brought together whose work constructs disruptive, poetic and critical cartographies of the city.

The exhibition premiered at Vancouver’s 2011 PuSh Festival, and then toured to the University of Glasgow.

Participating Artists

Vincent Andrisani
Jordan Bent
Aja Rose Bond
Nathan Clarkson
Natalie Doonan
Milena Droumeva
Jamie Hilder
Eli Horn
Simon Levin
Jason Levis
Gabriel Mindel
David Murphy
Ruth Scheuing
Jennifer Schine
Matt Smith
Katherine Somody
Jay White
Joanne Chan
Jainy Lastoria
Cindy Leibel
Ze Liu
Laura McKillop
Solana Rompre
Caitlin Sinclair
Yi Xin Tong
Menelaine Valencia
Shelly Wang
Risa Yamaguchi

Curated by Caleb Johnston