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Caleb Johnston

Tlingipino Bingo

A theatre play co-created with Tlingit and Filipino theatre artists in Whitehorse, a city in northern Canada. The piece provided occasion for community storytelling and exchange on issues of shared dispossession and colonial traumas experienced between First Nations and Filipino migrant communities in the Canadian North.

The play premiered at Whitehorse’s 2016 Nuit Blanche Festival (view poster), and brought together 300 people, including representatives of local First Nation communities, members of the Canadian Filipino Association of the Yukon, and members of the Yukon government.

The project was disseminated in a 2017 publication in Environment and Planning D, as well as the journal’s plenary at annual conference of the Association of American Geographers.


Created by Conversation Collective: Dennis Gupta, Caleb Johnston Geraldine Pratt, Ricky Tagaban, Sharon Shorty, and Hazel Venzon

Performed by Sharon Shorty, Ricky Tagaban, Ardie Carbardo and Hazel Venzon

Directed by Dennis Gupa

In collaboration with the Canadian Filipino Association of the Yukon