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Caleb Johnston

Between Worlds

This documentary theatre project addresses the outsourcing of dementia care from Europe and North America to Thailand.

Created in a collaboration with Professor Geraldine Pratt (UBC) and Costa Compagne, a Berlin-based theatre company, this work, sitting at the crossroads of performance, film, and social science, performs lived experiences within an immersive staging.

In 2019, Between Worlds was performed in Berlin’s Ballhaus Ost (view flyer), followed by performance at Northern Stage in Newcastle: audiences included representatives from the UK Alzheimer’s Society, Northumberland Carers, Dementia Matters, 2 members of the Newcastle City Council, President of the British Gerontological Association, family caregivers, researchers, and general public.

In May 2020, the play was re-staged online for Nachtkritik, one of Germany’s premiere arts platforms.


Artistic Director: Felix Meyer-Christian
Research Directors: Caleb Johnston, Geraldine Pratt
Camera: Philine von Dueszeln
Stage, Costume: Anne Horny
Composition: Marcus Thomas
Videomapping: Erik Kundt
Video Editor: Stéphanie Morin
Dramaturgy: Zahava Rodrigo
Performance, Text: Irene Laochaisri, David Pallant, Anna Rot
Translation: Thailand Konkanok Phohom
Production Management: Franziska Merlo